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The Drag-Clown Library

Here's a list of texts that have inspired us during our process!

o Artaud, A. (2010), The theatre and its double (le theatre et son double), Alma Classics, Richmond

o Davison, J. (2013) Clown: a Reader in Theatre Practice, Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan

o Ferris, L. (1993) Crossing the Stage: Controversies on Cross-Dressing, London, Routledge

o Garber, M. (2008) Vested Interests: Cross-dressing and Cultural Anxiety, London, Routledge

o Gaulier, P. (2012) My Thoughts on Theatre: ex Tormentor, Paris, Éditions Filmiko

o Halberstam, J. (2011) Queer Art of Failure, Durham, Duke University Press

o Kendrick, L. (2011) A paidic aesthetic: an analysis of games in the ludic pedagogy of Philippe Gaulier in Theatre, Dance and performance training, London, Routledge

o Lecoq, J. (2013) The Moving Body (le Corps Poetique): Teaching Creative Theatre, London, Bloomsbury Publishing

o Macmanus, D. (2003) No Kidding!: Clown as Protagonist in Twentieth-century Theatre, Delaware, University of Delaware Press

o Senelick, L. (2000) The Changing Room: Sex, Drag and Theatre, London, Routledge.

o Sontag, S. (1968) ‘Notes on Camp’ in Cleto, F. (ed.) (1999) Camp: queer aesthetics and the performing subject, Michagan, University of Michigan Press.

o Towsen, J.H. (1976) Clowns, New York: Hawthorn Books Inc

o Wright, J. (2006) Why Is That So Funny? A Practical Exploration of Physical Comedy, London, Nick Hern Books

o Wright, J. (2017) Playing the Mask: Acting without Bullshit, London, Nick Hern Books

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